Prep Academy, Uniform and Transportation Update for 2019-2020 School Year

Posted on Friday / July 19

August 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians and Scholars,

We hope you are enjoying your summer! Please see below for details on Prep Academy, uniform requirements and transportation information (only applicable to families who qualify for transportation).  

Prep Academy August 2019: Middle School Only

This year, Prep Academy will happen from Monday August 19th- Thursday August 22nd. For all of Prep Academy, doors open at 7:25am and breakfast is served until 7:45am.  All scholars dismiss at 1 PM during prep academy.  

If your scholar qualified for Freedom Prep’s courtesy bussing (you live between 0.5 miles and 1.9 miles from Freedom Prep) your bus pass is included with this letter. If your scholar lives 2.0 miles away or further, your bus pass will come from Camden County in the mail. If you live 0.1-0.49 miles away, you do not qualify for transportation. Buses will run their normal routes during Prep Academy. Scholars will receive lunch during Prep Academy. 

Please note which day your scholar should attend Prep Academy by looking at the schedule below

Monday August 19th

Tuesday August 20th

Wednesday August 21st

Thursday August 22nd

Friday August 23rd

1. All newly enrolled scholars

2. All 6th grade scholars

1. All newly enrolled scholars

2. All 6th grade scholars

1. All newly enrolled scholars

2. All 7th grade scholars

1. All newly enrolled scholars

2. All 8th grade scholars


All scholars should report to school on Monday August 26th. We have full days of school (7:25am-4:30pm dismissal) starting on Monday.

Uniform Reminders

All scholars are expected to be in full uniform during Prep Academy and throughout the school year.

Uniform Requirements

Uniform Store

  • Navy polo shirt (tucked in).
  • All black shoes — no logos or markings of any other color are permitted.
  • All black or brown belt
  • Khaki pants with belt loops:
    • May not have pockets anywhere on the leg (no carpenter or cargo pants).
    • May not have any visible logos.
    • May not be made of denim or corduroy material.
    • May not be too loose or too tight.
    • No joggers.
    • Must be worn at or above the hip line.
  • No long-sleeved shirts under uniform shirts.
  • Short-sleeved undershirts are allowed in the following colors: solid white, black, navy, and gray.
  • Optional: Freedom Prep sweater (only outerwear allowed)
  • Hoop earrings can be worn as long as they are smaller than the size of a quarter.
  • No bandanas. 

Uniform City
721 Broadway Ave.
Camden, NJ 08103
(856) 963 – 7680



If your scholar qualified for transportation, they must board the bus they are assigned. In the morning, your scholar should get to the bus stop 10 minutes prior to their assigned bus time and stay at the bus stop 10 minutes later than the assigned bus time (due to potential traffic issues). Your scholar should obey all school rules while riding the bus. Your scholar should always carry his/her bus pass so that the bus driver can see it. If your scholar is not riding the bus on a certain day, you need to write and sign a note to present to the front desk.You cannot call to request this change. Only a written and signed note will be accepted. If you would like to apply for transportation or cancel transportation permanently, please contact Ms. Morales by calling the main office at: 856-962-0766. 

We look forward to working with you and your scholar this year! 


Kaitlin McCann

Freedom Prep Middle School Principal